A bit of fun

Hello Everyone!

Brrrr, it’s cold now in Malta, The weather just changes overnight.

Three new paintings for you today

First a commission based on another LeMakoo


60x80cm Mdina night 2018


Then a freshly painted wee Valletta Night 30x50cm oil on canvas available for 300 euros framed.

I’m really happy with the way this one turned out.

So let’s have a bit of fun. It’s sitting beautifully framed in my studio at the moment.


I believe it’s called a Dutch Auction.

So if you’d like this painting simply email me back a bid between 50 and 300 euros.

And the highest bidder will win. (50 being the cost of materials, bidding will end 29/11)

As you may be aware LeMakoo never does sales, once a year I pick a painting just before Christmas and do a special offer, have a bit of fun and that’s it!


Then a large Lamborgini, commissioned. Oil on canvas 1.5 by 2 metres.

That’s all, just a quick update, all the very best! and thanks.

Cheers Mike

PS If you’re interested I have a new video about commissions on this page
See what you think!


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