Lots of LeMakoo’s and news

Ok, lots of news…
Firstly, I think It’s almost been a year since my last missive, no excuses. I find it easier to paint than to write.

Got an email from a young man in Melbourne who came across one of my first paintings in a second hand store in MELBOURNE!

Considering at that time I hadn’t been home for 17 years (Sydney) it was nice to see my work get back there first.

He bought it, removed the frame and discovered my details on the back. (I used to sign on the back in those days)

and contacted me.

How it got that far from where I painted it on the Isle of Man I can only speculate 🙂 But at least it has had some international travel.

It’s a painting of a Celtic cross on the Isle of Man, or more specifically Parliament Hill, Tynwald. Where the Manx government was started over 1000 years ago. Quite large and pointillist, because at the time I was heavily influenced by Aboriginal art.

Then we have a Lancia, sized at 2×1.5m oil on canvas, a large commission

Now I’m going to be lazy and just throw lots of paintings in here, mainly just to keep a record, as for the first time in LeMakoo’s history I have been so busy all year that the site is not up to date. Which is a good thing… I think…

A big Valletta commission this one, remember, if you want a Valletta signed 2018, time’s running out…

A commission as a present.

Another beauty as a present, such a lovely, happy bunch of clients 🙂

What can I say ?

Flowers anyone?


And a half finished Alfa.

Last but not least. For the past few weeks, I’ve been working on a Patreon page so that I can earn ongoing revenue through my fans. With Patreon, fans can pay a small amount of money each month in exchange for access to my work and some bonus rewards. See

That’s all folks, thanks for watching

Michael Wright Artist
Stunning modern original Maltese Oil paintings.
1 Flame Trees, Triq l-Arznu, San Gwann. Malta. SGN 1750
View on google maps, https://goo.gl/maps/D2MwnyHgXsE2
Tel: +00356 79336114 +00356 27202810


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