Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq and a face

Dear Client

Two new paintings for you today, first off is Baħar iċĊagħaq
100x50cm Oil on canvas. Alizarin crimson, yelllow, blue. With a yellow glaze on top.
Plus I have added a seat, for the many times I have wished there was one 🙂
Next up a painting that I don’t like, but everybody else does.

In this case it was painted purely for myself.

First off my family sees the newest work, then facebook. If all these avenues give me good feedback, then I know it’s a good painting.
In this case it was received extremely well.
Girl, 100x50cm oil on canvas.

The painting is then placed in this email and then on the website, with price title etc.
When it sells it is placed in the sold section and a record is kept for the future.

When everybody that sees a new work likes it and I don’t is rare.
It’s even rarer I would imagine for an artist to admit this about his own work, but I think faces are like that.
When you meet new people you make instant decisions based on little more than, ”their look”

Perhaps that’s what I’m doing. Feel free to let me know what you think.

Both paintings can be found on

All the best

Michael Wright Artist

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