Colour dynamics and 4 new works

Dear Client

One thing I’ll never tire of is discovering new colour mixes, for instance this painting.
(St Paul’s Bay 1.2m x 70cm, oil on canvas.)
Is painted using mainly gold oil paint. it mixes really well with yellow, black and white. It is the only way I’ve found to get that particular Maltese sunset effect.


Next up we have a seascape, originally painted in black, white and Viridian green. I then applied a blue tint over the canvas in varying degrees that ”ties” it together.


Woman, 60x60cm oil on canvas
Now this lady has been painted in a colour style Mondrian would approve of.
Pure primary colours and black and white. I like this palate simply because it is so colourful.



If you’d like to experiment with colour mixing theory, here’s a website I use a lot


Ending with a signature LeMakoo, Valletta red 2016. Brand new and still drying
60x40cm oil on canvas.

All the best.

Michael Wright Artist

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