Mummy Brown and two stunning commissions

Dear Client
Two great commissions for you today, first off a large Valletta based on a smaller version that can be seen in Maltese landscapes on the website.
The clients wanted the length of the bastions extended and more detail added to them.

2 metres x 85cm oil on canvas.

Then we have a commission of St Julian’s. This was produced for the offices of Ben Estates in Malta.
This view was photographed from Exiles, I’ve always wanted to paint this having spent many summers swimming there..

Another large canvas measuring 2.3 metres by 6.9cm deep.


How to keep paintings clean and looking like a million dollars.

First off, oil paintings once dry are extremely tough, my work will outlast everybody reading this email. plus several more generations. And the fall of a few empires.
(apologies for getting carried away there)
Cleaning them is pretty simple, just blow off any visible dust, and wipe with a slightly damp clean lint free cloth.
(I’ve found t-shirt material very good for this)
Purists will disagree with the water part, arguing that adding water can dampen the canvas causing it to expand and contract weakening the bond with the paint.
And that’s a possible effect 200-300 or so years down the line, so don’t use lots of water.
They argue that cleaning should only be done with a very soft brush, like the ones available for cosmetic applications.

Usually any problems will be the fault of the producer of either the paint or the canvas.
here’s an interesting case in point, once upon a time this colour, Mummy Brown, was made by grinding up mummies. Yes, real Egyptian mummies.
It contained such a variety of organic material, it would fade very quickly.

Today paint is made extremely well as long as you pay enough for the right manufacturers, which of course I do.

All the best

Michael Wright Artist

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