Panama and Art

Dear Clients

Whenever there’s money there’s art. If you need to hide your art collection from a government or a pending divorce, seems there’s no better way than a shell corporation from Mossack Fonseca.

‘The Guardian, summarising the staggering range of unsavoury activities revealed by a first pass through the so called ”Panama papers”, has the following to say:
In the files we have found evidence of …blah, blah, blah… and enough art hidden in private collections to fill a public gallery.’
I’d just like to declare at this juncture that I have no Panamanian offshore accounts, but I do have some new art 🙂
Cittadella, 100x50cm Oil on canvas. (Sold)To all my clients who have asked me for to put a painting on my ”to-do list” ( I have about 150 ideas on the list now, mostly mine)
This one proves that it actually can happen.
It can take some time, in this case about 3 years. However, the client is happy, I’m happy and it would have sold anyway.
Suggestions are always welcomed. Just that the daily grind, personal preference and commissions tend to take up most of my day.
I even got a nice message from the client with a photo of the painting in-situ, thank you!
Now for some flowers. Imaginatively signed ”Flowers 2016” This one is rather large.
90x90cm oil on canvas. It’s drying now awaiting its frame which will push it to 1 metre squared.
An impressive size and piece, if I do say so myself.
It can be found for sale on
When you’ve been in this profession for awhile, you gather a lot of work.
You do lots of experiments and you push boundaries.
This St Paul’s Bay, is signed 2011, and I’ve just gotten around to it again in 2016.
The original painting was composed of white, yellow and red in tints and tones (tints contain white, tones contain black)
And I wasn’t happy with it, it lacked a certain something.
Now I’ve added deeper red and three yellow glazes with white as well. The result is Vivid and now I’m happy.
St Paul’s Bay, 80x40cm signed Michael Wright 2011.
Last but not least I have a new Valletta reflection.

Kind of wowish (according to facebook) 100x50cm oil on canvas, signed LeMakoo Valletta 2016.

I hope you like all this wonderful new work, all the best.

Michael Wright Artist
Stunning modern original Maltese Oil paintings.

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