A commission story and a redo offer

Dear Client

A commission story for you today. The client liked a previous LeMakoo painting and wanted something similar to an exact size to cover a panel near their front door, exactly 120x90cm.
The painting they liked was one I did years ago of Valletta, featuring some pretty strong colours with a very intense sky.
You can find it here, http://www.lemakoo.com/maltese-landscapes-sold.html ,fifth from the bottom.

Now lots of people say, well I don’t want a copy of another painting. But this is not what I do, I just use the basic colours and layout of the previous painting and create an entirely new one. Two reasons for this. To actually recreate a painting exactly, stroke by stroke would take 100’s of hours of tedious, boring work, and the end result would lack spontaneity. It is quicker and infinitely more enjoyable to create, than to copy.

The finished result

Another new painting for you today, just finished is a very moody Red Valletta.
100x70cm oil on canvas. See
For bigger picture, price etc.


And here’s another picture of them both together to give you an idea of size


On another note, my  recent ‘Yes please’ special offer to one recipient of this email failed.

No matter, my fault, I’m going to offer it again right now.

If you would like to buy any LeMakoo painting for half price, just reply to this email with a ‘Yes please’
Then I will randomly pick one winner. For readers of this blog, you have to sign up for email newsletters on http://www.lemakoo.com for a chance to win next year.

Good luck and wishing you a Merry Christmas
All the best

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