Two paintings and if Leonardo had a website

Dear client

Welcome to my 67th newsletter.
They’re all stored on should you be interested.
There is a gap around 2010-11 because my site was hijacked by some German hackers that destroyed lots of work.
It’s interesting being an artist and having to deal with the internet, websites, emails etc.
I wonder what Carravagio’s, or Leonardo’s website would have looked like, had they had the internet?
Picasso’s would have been a mess 🙂

Two new works for you today, first off is a small Valletta. 35x50cm oil on canvas,
then a much larger Mdina on a one metre square box canvas.
The Mdina is based on one of my personal favourites that sold recently. I liked that painting so much I kept it off the website.


For bigger pictures, pricing, etc


I can imagine Carravagio’s website loudly proclaiming that he’s just been made a Knight of Malta. And an invitation to drinks at St Elmo’s pub.
Leonardo might have the Mona Lisa filed under anonymous portraits, available for 300 Euros 🙂

That’s all, thanks!
Cheers Mike

PS It’s a shame Carravagio didn’t do any landscapes of Valletta, I would have emailed him.

Michael Wright Artist

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