Genius and a special offer

Dear Client

We all have those genius moments, for me it’s the second after I finish a painting that I like.
Then it goes. Then at least a week of effort is required to hopefully recapture that ‘second’ providing all goes well.

Anyway, here’s a few ‘genius seconds’


St Paul’s Bay, 60c90cm oil on box canvas.


Two cities, 60c90cm oil on box canvas. SOLD

Why do I paint?
Simply it’s because of that genius feeling when you finish your latest work,
that this one could be ‘the best ever’ etc.
What else could keep me alone and working on one canvas for an entire week,
not knowing how it will look until it’s finished?
It’s nothing else, not pride, ego, money, success, nothing else exists in that moment.

Ok, it’s my Christmas offer time.

Every year for the last four years I’ve offered a 50% off any LeMakoo painting to one recipient of this email.
Last year it was to celebrate 200 sales, this year so far I think I’m up to 240ish?, but I haven’t checked.

All you have to do is reply to this email with a ‘yes please’ in the header.
I’ll gather up the number of replies and randomly pick a winner with the help of Then I’ll notify you.

That’s all, thanks
Cheers Mike

Michael Wright Artist

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