Valletta Lights

Dear client

Two new paintings for you today first off is Valletta Lights

70 x 80cm Oil on canvas, signed LeMakoo Valletta Lights 2014. For sale

It’s a sunrise off a photograph I took, interestingly enough I discovered there’s a great deal of white in sunrises.

Then there’s another Valletta

120x60cm Oil on canvas.

This was commissioned a lot bigger because a client fell in Love with a smaller one I produced which was 35x50cm
To compare the two you can find the original smaller version here

Now I have some previous paintings that I have recently framed. It’s worth another look as a frame can really add to the final package
I was advised once not to show frames on, just to show the paintings.
And I’m going to stick to that, it just requires a bit of imagination. However, whenever I get a painting framed I’m always amazed at the difference.

Getting close to my once a year offer to you my clients, and I’m thinking of holding an open day soon, at my studio.
You’re welcome to visit any time, but at least on an open day you get a glass of wine ūüôā

That’s all for now, thanks for looking
Cheers Mike

Michael Wright Artist

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