2015 Latest Art

Dear Client

Wishing you all the best for 2015. So far this year I’ve signed three paintings ‘2015’ here’s wishing for many more.
First off is a commission based on a previous LeMakoo, Valletta Sunset 1.2 metres by 60cm oil on canvas.
Very happy with this one.


It is however taking a long time to dry, about 2 weeks so far. Our Maltese weather being cold and wet is not helping at the moment.
All oil paint colours react differently and all have different drying times. The hot colours reds, yellows seem to take the longest in my experience, whereas a brown will dry in one day.

If you’d like to investigate and learn more about LeMakoo commissions please take a look at
I love doing them.

I personally do more paintings in the cold weather, I seem to have more energy. Whereas in summer I prefer to be a lizard. (must paint a lizard one day, note to self ūüôā

Next latest, signed LeMakoo Red beauty 2015. 60x80cm oil on canvas
Again very happy with her, she just seemed to ‘happen’


For a larger image and price etc

That’s all, thanks

Michael Wright Artist

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