A LeMakoo secret

Dear client

I hope all is well. It’s been a busy period in Maltese history (an election) and LeMakoo has been busy as well.
First off, a commission I cannot ever release publicly or even
take a photo of.
A private nude portrait of a lady.
We had a photo session, then she chose the colours and I painted
one of the photographs. ‘Wow.’ said the client.
Makes me feel great.
LeMakoo takes commissions very seriously, whether it’s a present,
a wedding gift or has to match the curtains.
Let me just say here that I’ve never had an unsuccessful
commission, and that comes from so many years of experience that
I’m embarrassed to count them.
I’ve just received a commission to paint a two metre ‘flowers’
painting that I’m very excited about.
Here’s something not so secret.
St Paul’s Bay, 60 x 80cm Oil on box canvas.
Mdina, 120 x 80cm Oil on box canvas.
There are better images and prices on http://www.lemakoo.com/maltese-landscapes.html
All the best
Cheers Mike– Michael Wright Artist www.lemakoo.com www.facebook.com/lemakoo

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