When the sun sets

Dear Client

LeMakoo time again ūüôā

I’ve reached one of those ‘artistic’ crisis’s that all artists suffer from time to time.
All you can do is sit back and think until something ‘happens’

Mdina night, 80c60cm oil on box canvas. Commissioned.

That next source of inspiration, something to rekindle the ‘spirit’ again.
Don’t worry, no broken bones and It’s quite normal.

Valletta Moonlight. 18x24cm oil on canvas

Usually, I’ve noticed, the answer comes from the mundane, the everyday, something obvious that you’re just not noticing.
The important thing is that it makes you think, hard!
And it doesn’t just apply to art ūüôā

Wishing you all the very best
Cheers Mike

--   Michael Wright Artist  www.lemakoo.com  www.facebook.com/lemakoo  
--   Michael Wright Artist  www.lemakoo.com  --  Stunning modern original Maltese Oil paintings.  --  Flametrees. 35 Palm Street, Madliena Swieqi, Malta. SWQ 1131. Tel: +00356 21381321 +00356 79336114  

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