Special paintings

Dear Clients.

Hello again! I wish it was under better circumstances, the whole world seems to have changed since my last email.

Usually, I try to introduce an element of humour into these emails, perhaps a parody of the hundreds of coronavirus emails you and I are receiving from every business that has our email address? Plus there are government restrictions on what I can say, for example I’m sure artists are not on the list of shops that can stay open for business, so I can’t talk about long queues outside LeMakoo headquarters waiting for signed toilet paper.

So I’m not going to try and be funny, I’ll just leave that to Facebook.

I am going to say that LeMakoo can deliver anywhere in Malta!

What I’d like to do is introduce you to some paintings that LeMakoo has for sale right now, that really should’ve sold before! In other words, some of my ‘off the shelf’ favourites.


Large and beautiful. 1.2x1m oil on box canvas. Signed LeMakoo.

Green tree 90x90cm. Oil on canvas. for sale.

Water sprite and yacht. 1.2 metres x 60cm. Oil on canvas. Signed LeMakoo.

Cheers LeMakoo

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