Australia, Baroque and new art

Hello again dear clients!

I’m back from a five week holiday to Asia and Australia, a great time.

I actually missed painting but saw a few exhibitions overseas, a highlight being a Georgia O’Keeffe exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW. Georgia O’Keeffe is the lady who painted close ups of flowers due to the wide use of the macro lens in photography.

Now we see many paintings from the top, or looking down. That’s because of the use of drone photography. Since the camera’s invention, art has always followed it.

Some new work.


Filfla 2017
Oil on canvas, 30x50cm. A nice smaller work here, perfect for a gift, to yourself 🙂


Valletta Colourful
60x60cm oil on canvas. Noice! As they say in Australia.

For better images see

I often get asked if I do art lessons, and I always point people to this book, The Tao of watercolours by
Jeanne Carbonetti, see

I bought this about 20 years ago and have never found a better way to introduce a newbie to art.

It teaches you to relax and be confident with your work and produce some immediate results. The author does go on about tao a bit too much (whatever that is), but just ignore and focus on the art.

Last but not least, a huge Valletta


Valletta 2017
Large and beautiful. 1.2x1m oil on box canvas. Strewth!

On a side note, LeMakoo now accepts Bitcoin, how hi-tech is that? 🙂

Well I googled ”Australian artist jokes” to get the joke for this email and continue the Aussie theme and guess what? There aren’t any!

Australian artists are not a joke, there you go, if it ain’t Baroque don’t fix it.

Cheers Mike

Michael Wright Artist
Stunning modern original Maltese Oil paintings.
1 Flame Trees, Triq l-Arznu, San Gwann. Malta. SGN 1750
View on google maps,
Tel: +00356 79336114 +00356 27202810

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