Balluta and Butterflies

Dear Clients

Balluta Bay. One of the most beautiful urban scenes in Malta?

Luckily it has survived the concrete tower scenario that has plagued most of our coastline.

Plus, I have always wanted to paint it and after nine years I finally got the opportunity with a nice, big, juicy commission.


Balluta Bay. 1.5metres x 80cm

Next up, another commission. A personal one. My partner wanted a ”Splash of colour” in our new living room.
What’s the most colourful thing in the world?


Two metres by 80cm oil on box canvas.

I admit, there’s some Damien Hirst envy going on here but he wasn’t the first to paint butterflies.
Oh, hang on. He didn’t paint them, he cut and pasted them. Over 9000 for one show. Poor things.

Which leads me nicely into my email’s joke segment.

When Damien Hirst cuts a shark in half and preserves it in formaldehyde, he’s a visionary artist.
When I do it, I get banned from the aquarium.

And one more I couldn’t resist.

What do you call an artist with asthma?
Van Cough

That’s all, all the best

Michael Wright Artist
Stunning modern original Maltese Oil paintings.

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