Bridges, buildings and a new website

Dear Clients

First off a new LeMakoo website!

I know I know, big deal, I always think the same when I hear a company saying the same thing.

It’s probably because they take so much work to actually finish, and the owner feels proud but nobody else cares unless you happen to be facebook. Check it out.

Be sure to check out the ”news” page 🙂

The images are better 🙂 but most importantly it is now mobile friendly as nearly half my hits come from iphones.

Two commissions for you today, firstly a large canvas of the view from high above Sliema.


Hard to photograph because it’s rather large, 1.7m x 70cm and contains lots of detail

So luckily the client is a better photographer than me.


Next up we have the first ever oil painting of Valletta Bridge Breakwater.

At least I think it is 🙂 60x40cm commissioned as a present/memory for somebody who has a close working relationship with the bridge.

reflections reflections.


Thanks for listening

All the best


Michael Wright Artist
Stunning modern original Maltese Oil paintings.

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