Dear Client

Three today, first a Madliena tower. 60x90cm oil on box canvas, stark and beautiful.
Just 3 colours plus a red flag. (signifying live ammunition being fired by the armed forces)
It’s sold I’m afraid, sold just after I finished it. I’m thinking of the next one already.
For example why have I never seen an artists representation of a tower with its signal fire lit?
That would make a nice ‘sparks flying’ painting with a bit of imagination.


Then a Lady, 80x40cm oil on canvas signed ‘LeMakoo Lady 2015’
Almost ethereal? religious? what do you think? If you’d like to hear my thoughts let me know.
I think it’s the audience that counts. There’s a better picture on the ‘Women’ page of my website.


And a small commission of my last email’s Cittadella. This one a lot smaller
(30x40cm) for a wedding present as the wedding will be there.


All the best
Cheers LeMakoo

Michael Wright Artist

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