A Beautiful Country

Dear Client

Two for you today, a new Citadella which is I think one of the most amazing views in Malta, second to Valletta and on a par with Mdina. I’m spoilt for choice in Malta, painting does remind me what a beautiful country this is.

Citadella, 1 metre x 50cm oil on canvas, available 550 euros.

Then a Mdina commission, the client loved a painting I have for sale called ‘Village’ in Maltese landscapes and wanted Mdina in the same style

This was the result, interestingly enough, looking at it now I can see a figure in the background on the left.
Two figures actually, one more of a reflection of the first. A guardian angel(s)? I can definitely see a wing there.

See what happens when you stare at a painting for too long ūüôā

Anyway, LeMakoo is moving house in about a month. If it all works out in one years time I should be in a new large brilliantly designed studio/gallery in Mensija. But until then in a rented house in Pembroke. The website contact page will always be up to date.

That’s all

Michael Wright Artist

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