Art and Gold mining

Dear Client

I hope this finds you well, I’d like to show you my latest paintings.
At the moment I have produced three in this ‘tree’ series. The first one ‘Tree Blue’  was in my last email.
Here’s the latest.

tree green

‘Tree green’ 90x90cm Oil on canvas

tree red

‘Tree red’ 90x90cm Oil on canvas

Artists tend to ”mine”  ideas, like gold. You do a painting and you think ”what if”, I did it this way, or that way, or added another colour, or etc.
Hence you tend to ‘specialise’ in certain subjects. For me it’s Landscapes, women and trees/flowers. Mr V Gogh painted his ‘sunflowers’ seven or eight times. Monet loved painting his bridge.
At the moment I’m thinking reds, autumn, and a tree painting so large, 1.5x1m, that you can hug it.

That’s all, all the best
Cheers Mike

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