Sydney and Valletta

Dear client

Two paintings today, first a commission from Sydney, my original home town.
The client wanted a big view of the harbour and the city/Opera house. So I sent him a photograph and we went from there.
It’s a nice view, plus very popular with me as I used to go fishing from there many afternoons, usually in the company of Italians and Greek Australians.
If there were no fish, I could happily stare at the view for hours 🙂


Sydney, 120x60cm oil on canvas.

There seems to be a bit of confusion about what a commission is. A commission is simply when you pay me to paint something for you.
It’s about 40% of LeMakoo’s business. I can paint any size up to 3metres square. You simply decide on a subject or a view, and I do the rest.
At the moment I believe I must have produced at least over 50 commissions with a 100% success rate, for clients all over the world. What’s your favourite place?
Send me a photograph and a size, and I can give you a quote and a time. Plus, I deliver all over the world. More information is on

Next up a Valletta, my favourite place in the world 🙂

Valletta rain

Valletta rain, 60x90cm Oil on a box canvas (thicker edges, plus they’re painted)
This one kind of just happened, one of those things. It’s been described as ‘Interesting’ perhaps it is 🙂
Take a look at it on
At the moment, after all the new year rush, I have a lot of great new paintings for sale on LeMakoo.

That’s all. all the best
Cheers Mike

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