Valletta graffiti

Dear Client

LeMakoo has had a bit of fun on facebook recently 🙂
For the benefit of my foreign clients, Valletta has a main entrance.
It has been destroyed and rebuilt many times.
It is now in the process of being rebuilt by a famous and successful architect.
An anonymous graffiti artist put this on the restored front gate about a month ago.
The police saw him/her. Chased him but failed to capture.



It caused an instant sensation, and a lot of controversy with the public. In the main newspaper and social media.
Seems people either loved it or hated it.
After about a month the authorities removed it. At a cost of 4000 euros plus VAT (currently 18%).
Which made me think that it costs more to destroy art, than to sell it.  🙂


after the ‘authorities’ removed the graffiti. LeMakoo (in his infinite wisdom) decided to paint it. Just, so I could have a memory of it. To remind me of this summer.
One afternoon I did it and posted it on Facebook.



With the caption

Valletta Love. Dedicated to Malta’s Banksy. Who left his/her mark on Valletta. Evaded police capture. And remains Anonymous. For sale 4000 euros, includes free clean. Wow, the debate it sparked, take a look 🙂
141 likes, 11 shares, so many good/bad comments. Anyway, if you want the memory, feel free to make an offer significantly less than that.
It’s large 80x70cm. Acrylic and oil on canvas. Other news, I’ve just opened a new exhibition of seven paintings at the Palace Hotel in Sliema. It’s in the main foyer and is open all this month.All the best
Cheers Mike

Michael Wright Artist  
Stunning modern original Maltese Oil paintings.

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