Mdina, an oil painting obsession‏

Dear Client

It’s Mdina time again.  I get obsessed with a subject from time to time, it just happens.
With Mdina I had a few commissions of her and it makes you think deeper and deeper the more you paint something.
Then you get new ideas and “what ifs’ forming in your mind, and if I’m enjoying it, I’ve learnt to just go with the flow.



It started here, Mdina 60x60cm oil on canvas, spring and flowers, then progressed to this one


Very moody, and very big. 1.2 x 1 metres big. Makes a great statement for any wall 🙂
I’m very proud of this one, for the price, etc please go to

That’s all really, looking forward to summer, signing off.
All the best
Cheers Mike

--   Michael Wright Artist

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