2013 and LeMakoo

Dear Client. Hello and a happy new year.

Kids back at school, back to work. It’s like Christmas never happened 🙂

Every year at this time I look back at the last year and count the number of paintings sold and hits on the website etc.

www.lemakoo.com received over 10,000 hits last year, approx 1/3 from overseas, which is a new record 🙂

Vittoriosa, commissioned 1.2metres by 70cm. Oil on Box canvas.

And I sold 47 paintings 🙂
Last year I did no exhibitions, relying on word of mouth, and the internet.

However this year I think I’ll do another exhibition, not sure why, I guess it’s that need to interact, to watch people looking at my work.
It feels good. Anyway, we’ll see 🙂

The open studio weekends worked well last year, so I’ll do more of those.

I do a lot of photography to use as reference for my paintings.
I do this so every LeMakoo is an original and I have some beauties.
Here are a few I’ve yet to paint.

This’ll be a beauty, at least a metre and a half wide.

Something about the Yacht in this one, mirrors Valletta.

How beautiful, think I’ll do this next

Many people have asked for this one, finally got around to the photo as it has been commissioned.

I’m thinking of putting them on the website as commission ideas, plus lots more, again, we’ll see:)

That’s all, all the best for this year
Cheers Mike

--   Michael Wright Artist  www.lemakoo.com  --  

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