A free LeMakoo?

Dear Client

I did this painting way back in 2008 when I first started LeMakoo.
It was in a gallery for a few months and when I got it back it had a few small scratches so I put it aside to fix, and promptly forgot about it.

Years later a sharp eyed client spotted it behind some packing materials (yes my studio is that messy)
So I pulled it out and restored it this week. Ghjan Tuffieha 120x60cm oil on canvas.
That’s the great thing about oil paints, they can be reworked years later ūüôā

Time for LeMakoo’s free painting gift to readers of this newsletter.
All I ask is that you reply to this email with ‘Yes please’ in the heading.

The gift will be worth up to 250 Euros on www.lemakoo.com for one painting.
There are quite a few paintings for that price or below, or you can use it as a part payment on a bigger LeMakoo.
It will be up to you, but is not available for commissions.
Basically I’ll number all the replies I get and pull the winner from a hat this Sunday the 23rd and email the winner.

BTW, I’ll be open all this weekend as well.

Wishing you all the very best
Cheers Mike

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