Prussian Blue in Valletta

Dear Client

Lots of new work to show you starting with a new Valletta


She’s 120x60cm Oil on Canvas.

I used Prussian Blue painting this one, which coincidently is the exact colour of the deep sea between Gozo and Malta from the ferry on a sunny day. I can still remember when I noticed that for the first time.
Just like Naples yellow, (great for painting Malta’s limestone). These colours were inspired, invented and developed around the Mediterranean.
I tend to notice these things, as being born and raised in Australia, the colours are very different down under. We don’t have Prussian Blue in Sydney Harbour.


Two beautiful Ladies, Beauty and Geisha. Both oil on box canvas. 60x80cm. see
for more information. I really love doing these paintings.

It’s fantastic that Valletta has been awarded – European Capital of Culture, in 2018.
And I’m sure it will be very good news for LeMakoo as my love of this city and my Valletta paintings have been well documented over the years.

The question is, how do I represent it? I need some signature paintings for this event.
If you image google ‘Grand Master La Valette’ there’s only really 3-4 portraits of the man.
So there’s an obvious modern LeMakoo portrait on its way.

If you have any ideas, as always, share away. For this deadline, I have plenty of time ūüôā
All the best

Cheers Mike

-- Michael Wright Artist

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