Open day, Picasso and more :)

Dear Client

‘Beau’ is a 1mx70cm Oil painting on box canvas.
This has been sitting unpublished on my website for almost two years, and I have just put some more work into her. Good thing about oil paints is that you can do this over the years without any adverse effects. Apparently da Vinci did this with the Mona Lisa for many years.

(Did you know the Mona Lisa was once stolen? and that Pablo Picasso was a suspect? )
I would imagine that the publicity helped Pablo’s career ūüôā

Anyway, she’s there on the website now
Or you can see photographs of her progression on

Also LeMakoo has decided to have a studio open day.
Everyone is welcome to come and chat, see the paintings and the studio.
I’ll be giving away free prints and there will be drinks and snacks etc.
It’s this Saturday the 29th from 12pm to 8pm, all welcomed.

Plus you can see my latest commission, drying in the studio, a huge Valletta, commissioned from the US.

For directions and a map, just follow this link.

That’s all, all the best

Cheers MIke

-- Michael Wright Artist 

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