LeMakoo portraits

Hello from LeMakoo

Got some excellent work for you today.
I’ve been thinking of doing portraits for some time now and have managed to produce two, one more and I’ll set up a specific portraits link on www.lemakoo.com for them.

They’re not your standard run of the mill portraits, I believe that unless you produce something unique, it’s not worth doing.

First off they are large and produced on top quality watercolour paper so they are framed behind glass.
Here’s my latest one

Priscilla is 530x620cm, so just over half a metre each way. With a nice frame you’re looking at large picture, an excellent present and keepsake.
Basically you just send me a photograph and we can go from there.

Cost at the moment is 300 euros less 10% for readers of this email, this doesn’t include a frame, which would roughly be in the 40 euro region depending on your choice of frame and framer.

Yes, you can choose any colours you wish.

LeMakoo doesn’t do framing, but I offer an ‘at cost’ service with a local framer who I’ve found to be the best in Malta. The volume that I pump through them keeps the prices low for my clients. They are called Gemelli framing in Mosta.

That’s all, all the best
Cheers Mike

-- Michael Wright Artist www.lemakoo.com

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