Nobody in contemporary art museums care about yo yo’s.

A small holiday turned into an art feast in London last weekend as LeMakoo decided to visit the Tate the National and Saatchi Galleries.

The newspapers were full of the Damien Hurst retrospective to be opened at the Tate, however, our first museum visit was to the National History Museum which was coincidently full of animals cut in half, butterflies, creatures in formaldehyde, stuffed sharks and human skulls.
I think Damien should move onto dinosaurs next, perhaps a fossilised T-Rex skull covered in diamonds with an unlit cigarette between its jaws.

Elsewhere at the Tate we came across this stunning art by Richard Tuttle…


I think it takes up an awkward place somewhere between something and nothing.

Next up at Saatchi’s Gallery we found this wobbling mirror, it has a motion detector on it that makes it noisily vibrate as you come up to it, hence the interesting reflections and the LeMakoo boogie.


Funnily enough, the beautiful Monet and Van Goghs we saw in the National, I wasn’t allowed to photograph. (but we’ve seen them all before anyway)

Perhaps that’s the difference, contemporary art is fun and less stuffy than older famous art, the younger galleries are all modern and feel more creative than say the old style National Gallery with Victorian wallpaper and hundreds of ancient photographic style paintings of biblical scenes.

A young LeMakooette was happily using her newly purchased yo yo all over London in all the galleries until stopped at the National by a breathless, red-faced security guard.
Imagine as a child that your yo yo come off and goes straight through Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, imagine your mothers face as you’re bundled into a back room whilst she is asked to pay for your damages 🙂

I don’t think anybody in contemporary art museums cares about yo yo’s.

Cheers Mike

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