Venice and Valletta

Dear Client

Finally after many delays I have produced a painting of Venice.
It’s the view of the church of San Giorgio Maggiore from Piazza San Marco.
One of those classic views in Venice from it’s most famous square.

I was shocked when I purchased an expresso there for only 90 cents, until I realised that didn’t include sitting down 🙂
She’s 60x40cm Oil on canvas and will eventually be on when I have produced enough Venetian
paintings to make a new section, so just Facebook and here for the moment. I’d like to get 400 euros for her.


Every time I look at this I can hear the gentle knocking of wood against wood.

Plus I have a large Valletta, she’s 1.22metresx61cm on a box canvas available for 600 euros
It’s a very tranquil, peaceful painting, with just some ripples on the water.
She’s looking really good in my living room at the moment, I can hear this one too.

Next up I’m working on a few commissions, mainly flowers, perhaps because it’s spring.
After 3 years as a full time oil painter I’ve started to notice some trends,
people tend to like blue paintings in Winter and red ones in Summer, flowers in spring and women at any time 🙂

That’s about it
All the best
Cheers Mike

Ps There’s still a 10% off deal on all paintings at the moment

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