Introducing LeMakoo Miniatures

Dear Client

Just before Christmas I had a lot of calls for paintings in the 1-2 hundred price range, for gifts etc.
Of which I had none so I’ve decided to fill that gap with a new section called LeMakoo Miniatures.

In true LeMakoo style these are not tiny (I like to work big) they are 18x24cm oil on canvas and when framed measure 29x35cm.

Here’s the first lot

And the price. 110 euros, 130 framed

I intend to do a lot of these in the future, because they’re fun to do, so I’ve stocked up on smaller canvases.
I tend to use any spare mixed paint from my larger works for them. After a long commission its fun to loosen up and let go a bit.

All the best
Cheers Mike

Ps I apologise for doing these before the new promised Venice and Portrait sections. They are still on my list

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