A new thing for LeMakoo, “Resin Art”

Dear Clients.

A new thing for LeMakoo, “Resin Art”.

Resin is poured over the top of a painting that gives it a thick clear coat, it makes them look very shiny, reflective and has that ”wow” factor.

You can mix colours with the resin or pour a clear layer on a completed traditional work.

Here’s an acrylic painting I’ve just finished covered in resin.

Jo’s flowers, 2mx60cm acrylic and resin on board. Commissioned

And here is a resin mixed with Ink.

Heavens, 120x60cm resin and ink on board, for sale.

The thing is, it’s difficult to photograph the effect, in fact, it’s quite difficult to lose the reflections so you can actually see the paintings in a photograph.

So I’ve had to rely on video to display the shine which you can see here on this link


I’m looking forward to doing many more.

Last but not least a new Valletta. One eagle-eyed facebook friend discovered a face in the right-hand bottom corner. Perhaps it’s Jean Parisot de Valette on a last visit.

Valletta 2019 40x100cm. Oil on box canvas

That’s all, thanks for reading
Cheers LeMakoo

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