A Big Thanks

Dear Client

Lot of new work for you today. Busy as always.

First off is a commission ”Sunset” from a client to hang in the bedroom.
On three panels oil on canvas, measuring over a metre wide.
See http://www.lemakoo.com/commissions.html
I must say, having just looked at the commission page again.
There’s so much beautiful work on it now. A big thank you to all concerned.


Then we have a massive Valletta. 120x70cm. The weather in Malta has inspired me recently..
I’ve named it Valletta Calm. It has an impressive highlight on the sea reflecting off the dome.
see http://www.lemakoo.com/maltese-landscapes.html for a bigger image, price etc.

Last but not least, ”Water sprite” 120x60cm oil on canvas. The first of a series of seascapes I intend to produce.
It’s such fun creating waves and skies. I can see a lot more of this style in the future.
This one has garnered over 200 likes on facebook, but is not on my website yet as I think I need more than one to create a new section called ”seascapes”
So, the thinking is to do a few more first. It is however for sale. 650 euros. 720 with a nice frame.


Thank you very much as always.
Cheers Mike

Michael Wright Artist
Stunning modern original Maltese Oil paintings.

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