A tree and a sea

Dear Client

Lots’a Blue for you today
Latest Work ‘Tree’
90x90cm Oil on canvas, see http://www.lemakoo.com/flowers-and-forests.html

It’s interesting when you paint a tree, you see just how much personality they have.
After laying thousands of strokes, you get to the stage where just one stroke can change the entire ‘feeling’ of the painting.
It becomes, in a way, the product of one stroke.

tree blue

Now I’m not into taking photographs of myself. I’ve been trying for some time to solve the problem of how to show a paintings size on the internet.
I’m only there to give you an idea of how big 90x90cm is.

Bahar Ic-Caghaq.
3rd time I’ve painted this area now. To me there’s something about the sea there and the loneliness the of the watch tower, even though this watch tower has a friend.

Bahar Ic-Caghaq

50x100cm Oil on canvas. See http://www.lemakoo.com/maltese-landscapes.html

Cheers Mike

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