Mdina, sold out

Dear client

Last week I sold every Mdina I’ve painted. So I set out to do some more.
Here are two, both 30x50cm oil on canvas.

Rainbow Mdina, looks great in a black frame. Have you noticed the multicoloured skies over Malta recently? there are rainbows everywhere.

A simple three coloured version, Phthalo blue, black and white.
When I posted this on facebook, it sold immediately. It reminds me of my early work years ago.

You know I love a big canvas, so if you’re interested I’d like to paint this big, 2x1metres big.
Or perhaps 1.5x1metre.
I think it would be stunning, and I’ll do a special rate for anybody who would like it.

I did a similar offer once for Valletta, and here’s the final product,
commissioned by a US client and now hanging majestically in Florida

I love it when clients send me their photographs.

I still feel great when I sell a painting, even after 3 years of full time work selling on average 1.2 a week.
(I think that has gone up this year, but will do the stats in January)

It also helps me to decide what to develop and paint next, plus I get many ideas from people browsing and selecting, say the scene of one painting with the colours of another.
My style is so entrenched, you know exactly what you will get.

All the best
Cheers Mike

-- Michael Wright Artist 

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