Ghajn Znuber Tower Paintings

I was delighted to see this news story this morning in The Times of malta about the restoration of Ghajn Znuber Tower
Luckily I was able to paint this tower before the restoration and I’ve also found an email to clients that I sent last year in 2011 about it.

Here’s one of my paintings of the tower and the email below it. I did two paintings in total. This one can be seen at the Inspire exhibition this weekend 4/5/2012



Ghajn Znuber Tower.

Oil on canvas, 35x50cm.

Here’s my old email dated 15/2/2011

Dear Clients

Please find below LeMakoo’s latest effort Ghajn Znuber Tower

This tower is located towards Gozo from Golden Bay and I’ve always been fascinated by it. A simple google search will reveal more questions than answers.

here’s a good example

For LeMakoo’s foreign clients, the RTO painted on the side of the tower means ‘private’, ‘no entry’, or ‘RTO’ – short for ‘riservato’ (Italian for ‘reserved’).

Ghajn-Znuber-Tower2 (1)

The painting is from a recent photograph I have just taken. When you compare it to other pictures on the internet it’s obvious that the tower is disintegrating pretty quickly. I’m sure when I come back and paint it again in a few years time it will be completely different as some of the stones seem to be just hanging on by a whisker.

This is actually my smallest ever Maltese painting measuring just 18x24cm. Here it appears almost life size.

I hope you like it 🙂 For more information please visit

All the best!
Cheers Mike

-- Michael Wright Artist

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