Valletta commission and the weather

Dear Client

I hope you’re not too cold 🙂 It’s my hands that feel it the most, I just cannot paint with gloves on, I actually tried 🙂

I have a commission to share with you today, Valletta is 1.2metres x 80cm oil on canvas.
The client liked the style and colours of a previous LeMakoo painting of St Paul’s Bay, but wanted Valletta as the main subject

valletta commission 2012

Incidentally, if you’re interested. You can view a step-by-step series of pictures showing how this was painted on my Facebook account

The link is

You can even see me in the pic’s, freezing! Please feel welcome to add yourself as a friend once you’re there.
For more information about LeMakoo commissions, times, costs and procedure see

That’s all and thanks for viewing, I’ll never complain about the heat in Summer again, I promise 🙂

Cheers Mike

-- Michael Wright Artist

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