2011 reflections, art, profits. Venice and cheers

Dear Client

First off, I wish you all the best for 2012.
Whilst 2011 was a great year for LeMakoo, I look forward to signing many more paintings this year.

I’ve just been doing the books that reveal LeMakoo sold just over one painting a week in 2011
Of which 22% were commissions. This represents a doubling of the previous years effort.
The trick is to double again this year 🙂
Fingers crossed. To help, visit www.lemakoo.com now 🙂
But overall I’m pretty proud of that result, and many thanks to all those proud LeMakoo owners, without whom of course, none of this would be possible.

Some Art.
This is a series I have painted of Malta that I believe I have made my ‘own’ in terms of style and technique, referred to as a signature series. See http://www.lemakoo.com/maltese-landscapes.html for more detail

LeMakoo is off to Venice for a weekend break coinciding with the feast of la Befana.
You can read about the witch here ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Befana )
So expect to see some Venetian paintings sometime in 2012 along with a new portrait section and many other ideas.

Cheers Mike

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