A LeMakoo Present

Dear Client

First off, I sincerely wish you the best Christmas possible.

It’s the only time of year that all my brushes get a good rest, the studio sits dormant for a few days,
and I get clean fingernails, just for Christmas. (yes, I paint with my fingers as well)

It’s been the best year ever for LeMakoo, but I’ll wait till the end of it to post results, figures etc.

Now some Art

Signed, Valletta 2011. 80cm x 40cm Oil on Canvas.
Just finished and still wet, should be dry by this Wednesday.
Framed 440 euros

Cittadella commission. 123x76cm Oil On Box canvas.
The client bought a painting from LeMakoo last year and wanted something exactly the same size to pair it with
(the previous painting was Bahar ic Caghaq, see lemakoo landscapes)

Signed, Valletta Orange 2011. 60cm x 60cm Oil on Canvas.
430 euros framed.

Hibiscus, Oil on canvas 30x50cm. 300 euros framed

Sometimes I do a painting that I could have sold 3 times.
The above is a bigger version of such a painting I did only very recently

Now for the Christmas present.

There are three paintings for sale in this email. The first person to purchase one will get
this painting as well, value Euro200, framed, and free. Just for Christmas (notice the clean thumbnail ūüôā

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