Paintings and my once a year offer‏

Dear clients

It’s been awhile, when I get busy marketing suffers, but hey, I’d rather be painting 🙂

There’s been quite a few new works and at the moment and I’m in the busiest commissioning period that I’ve ever had, plus they’re all nice and big.

first off Valletta purple. 60x40cm oil on canvas, framed.


So beautiful this one, very proud. The sky is so ”heavenly”

At the moment I’m thinking about getting some ”help” somebody to do marketing and selling. Selling prints is an avenue I haven’t explored, etc.

It would be part time, there’s lots of work. Obviously the person would have to love art, hopefully mine 🙂 and then just see what happens.

Next up a commission


A biggie, I’ll let you guess where it is 🙂

Ok, offer time. Usually at this time every year I do a competition for a painting.

It’s a tradition I’ve done for the past three years.

This year I’m keeping it simple, the first person to email me the painting of their choice gets 50% off the marked price.

Just the one ”winner” first come first served.

And finally…

I’ve just been contacted by Eden cinemas in Malta.

The Vatican Museums in 3D will be screened at The Eden Cinemas from the 17th to the 21st of December.

And they’d like me to share it with you. It sounds fantastic and I’m looking forward to seeing it.

That’s all, all the very best.

Michael Wright Artist


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