Intercontinental exhibition and more‏

Dear Client

Two new paintings and an exhibition

Valletta Green

Valletta Green, 90x90cm oil on canvas, for sale 600euros.
For a larger image.

Larger, but not necessarily better in terms of photography, this painting is vivid! And hence very difficult for the camera to capture properly, the green and the yellow colours tend to confuse the light meter. This is the best result I could get.

Best way to see the depth and colour is to see the stunning real thing which is on display at the Intercontinental hotel club lounge, Paceville, now until the end of August.


There are 12 paintings on display there in total, all welcome. Just ask the reception where the club lounge is.
At last years exhibition I sold my 200th painting, so I have a soft spot for the Intercontinental.
I hope you enjoy it.

Valletta rainbow

Valletta Rainbow, 35x50cm oil on canvas, SOLD
for a larger image.

A small study of Valletta, just finished and very colourful. I have a feeling that this one will be commissioned at a much larger size.
and I’m dying to do it, so if anybody wants this piece of knock-out art on their wall at a beautiful big size of say 120x60cm or 100x50cm, or could you imagine this 1metre by 2 metres?
Let me know and I’ll give you a nice discount. See prices on

That’s all, all the best

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