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Dear Client

OK, here’s four new paintings commissioned for a hallway, all landscapes of Malta.


These are painted on box canvases, so that you can see the sides lead into the painting from the kinds of viewing angles you get in a hallway.
1) Madliena Tower, Pembroke 2) Gnejna bay 3) Fomm ir-rih bay 4) Valletta

They are all painted on a 1 metre by 50cm canvas.
I really enjoyed doing these paintings and they were produced quickly as there was a 3 week deadline for the client.

Next up is ‘Poppies’


97x58cm. Acrylic on watercolour paper. For sale 500 euros
I haven’t had this framed yet but I’m dying to see it under glass,  it’s a stunning painting and very large as well measuring just under a metre high.
See for a better picture.

I did a quick count of the paintings I’ve sold yesterday, as you are probably aware LeMakoo sold his 200th painting at the end of last year.
At the moment that tally is at approximately 226 now. They seem to be selling at a rate of one a week.

A bit of local press for me, thanks go to Veronica Stivala

That’s all, thanks for your interest, all the best!
Cheers Mike

Michael Wright Artist

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