LeMakoo newsletter. Surprises and a recap‏

Dear Clients

I’ve had a few wedding commissions this January, they say London buses always come in threes and so did these.
Unfortunately I can’t show you any of them as, obviously, it could ruin the surprise on the odd chance the recipient saw it.

I’ve just been wrapping up the 2013 review. LeMakoo sold 47 paintings which is good.
The Website, www.lemakoo.com attracted 10,373 visits, 9,035 from Malta, but only 1 from Kazakhstan 🙂

Jellyfish, 1mx50cm oil on canvas, see Maltese landscapes

I produced four exhibitions in Malta, sold five paintings to a Russian art gallery and had my blog hacked by a Paypal phishing scam.
Which was really the lowlight of the year, luckily, completely separate from the main site, the blog has been closed ever since. This set me back weeks in time and money.

Valletta sun
Valletta, 1m50cm oil on canvas. See Maltese landscapes

And I sold my 200th painting in Malta, which was a nice surprise.
So lots of ups and downs.
This year I intend to produce my best work yet…

Valletta, 40x40cm
Valletta, 40x40cm oil on canvas. See Maltese landscapes

…and I hope you do too.
All the best

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