LeMakoo prices rise and a prize‏

Dear client

In any other business a price rise is not good news, for an artist, and for owners of the artists art, it is good news.

Your painting is worth more now and it shows your artist is becoming more successful.
I’ve raised the prices because of rent at bay street shopping complex and I have some marketing commitments coming up in the future.

This will in no way effect any ongoing commissions or paintings/prices already agreed upon.
Incidental, the stand at bay street is really helping LeMakoo’s overseas sales.


Commission. Mellieha, 120x60cm Oil on canvas.

Other news
LeMakoo is taking part in a collective exhibition at the Dolman hotel
08 October at 09:0016 October at 21:00
The opening night is by invitation only, Friday the 7th of October, 8pm.
If you would like an invitation to the opening, email me your name and address and I’ll post you one.


LeMakoo’s favourite flower. 100x25cm. Acrylic on Canvas.
See www.lemakoo.com/flower-paintings.html
On display at bay street shopping complex, ground floor.

Also coming up is the Home fair at the MFCC.
27-30 October.
LeMakoo will be exhibiting for the 3rd year in a row.
I will email more on this closer to the event.

That’s all, wishing you all the best! And if you’ve read this far you deserve a reward.
I’m giving away a small painting.
It’s 18x24cm, acrylic on canvas and is of one Hibiscus flower.
All you need to do is be the first to reply to this email with the words ‘Mine Please’ in the header, and it’s yours 🙂
Postage charges will apply if you’re not in Malta to receive it. Apologies for that.

Cheers Mike

Michael Wright Artist

2 responses to “LeMakoo prices rise and a prize‏

    • Hiya Karen. It’s an old post I’m afraid! My blog was hacked and destroyed by a nasty person so I’m redoing it here one post at a time. Sorry about that


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