LeMakoo profits‏

Dear Client

I’ve just been doing the half yearly figures

So far this year LeMakoo has sold on average 1.2 paintings a week.
Approx 70% locally and 30% internationally, mainly to Europe, but also to Asia and the Middle East.

The business has doubled, year on year for the last 3 years since inception

Which I’m very pleased with that, considering it occurred during the middle of a recession and it is good news for current LeMakoo art owners.

Many of you will remember my initial dream of opening a high class international studio in Malta, a centre of artistic excellence situated in a commercial centre. Gallery at the front, studios and many artists behind.

To achieve this I believe the business has to be commercially viable all on its own, free from grants and subsidies, just like any other business.

Hopefully by the end of next year, if this growth rate continues, this will happen 🙂

Thoughts and feedback always appreciated!

Now for some art

St Paul's Bay 1

St Paul’s Bay. 1.2m x .6m commission. Oil on canvas
The Client liked a previous painting on the subject, but bigger and on a box canvas.

Two trees 1

Trees, 2m x 1m commission. Oil on canvas.
The Client came to my studio, saw the one on the front page of my website and fell in love with it.

Thank you, see more at www.lemakoo.com
Cheers Mike

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