FridayNightWithLeMakoo & 2NewPaintings‏

Sounds exciting. Not!

Covered with paint and writing emails. I hope you’re having a lovely night out somewhere.

But it’s not that bad, I kinda like the fact that I can paint all night and day, especially when I get the result below.

Yes, yes I know it’s Valletta (again) But there’s an Mdina below it 🙂

Valletta 1

Ok, the details, it’s a stunning 120cm x 60cm, Oil on canvas, Value 500 euros.

Yes sorry, LeMakoo prices have risen, basically because I’m selling more and my overheads are increasing, but if you already own one it a good thing, it’s just increased in value.

mdina 1

Blue Mdina has been sold, and a number of people have expressed an interest in a red one so here it is
60cm x 60cm, Oil on canvas, Value 400 euros.

That’s all, thanks for sharing a LeMakoo Friday Night

Cheers Mike

Ps You can now join me on Facebook if you wish, just search for LeMakoo Art
or click
Should work 😉

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